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Getting Your Child Ready For The Kids Dentist

If it is your first time to take your child to a kids dentist, you both might not know what to expect. The entire dental experience can be a daunting and stressful one for any adult, so imagine just how much more distressing it can be to your child. Because your child’s first impressions of the dentist will have a lot to do with how he develops a healthy regard for dental care as he grows up, it is essential for you to guide him through the process and to make the transition as painless as possible.

How do you begin? Like all things, proper dental care begins at home. If you are already instructing your child as to proper brushing and flossing habits, you are off to a good start. You might also want to explain that what the kids dentist will do is similar to what you are both already doing at home, but in a more effective and thorough manner.

You might also want to take your child to the dentist for a visit just to familiarize him with the clinic and to get to know the dentist in a stress-free situation. By doing so, your child will be much more open to the experience, and will be less likely to be traumatized by the experience by the time the actual visit is scheduled.

At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we want to make your child’s first dentist visit as stress-free as possible. Call us at (520) 325-4746 and we can help you do so.


Pediatric Dentist in Tucson: Great Grins Children’s Dentistry

Looking for the best pediatric dentist in Tucson for your little one? At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, both of our doctors specialize in the care for infants, children, and teens. Because of this, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele are board certified pediatric dentists. Here are some of the reasons why a pediatric dentist is a good choice.

Why a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists get additional training and education that prepares them to work with children on a daily basis. They also work in offices that are designed for little ones. A pediatric dentist works with a team that also has special training to work with kids. This ensures that the child will feel comfortable and maybe even look forward to going to the dentist!

Great Grins

Our office at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry has a sports theme and filled with fun stuff for kids. Our reception area has games and movies where children feel relaxed before their visit. Afterwards, they get to see our fun open bay with prize towers and sticker stations!

Pediatric Dentists in Tucson, AZ

Don’t wait! The AAPD (American Association of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends taking your child for the first dentist visit by age one or six months after the first tooth appears. Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry are members of the AAPD. In addition, they are both Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. It is completely voluntary to become board-certified, so you know they are the best in their field! Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele never stop improving their skills and furthering their education. As a result, they provide the best care to their patients. Call us at (520)325-4746 and let us help your child sport a winning smile!



Kids Dentist In Tucson – Essential Dental Services For Your Children

With the ease and convenience with which anyone can avail of the services of a kids dentist in Tucson, parents concerned about dental care definitely have it good. The bustling city is the location of some of the most accomplished and dedicated professionals in the industry, with Dr. Lele and Dr. Wolfman among them. The quality and range of dental care services that they can provide at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry is second to none. If you are looking for an upwardly mobile community with plenty of opportunities and the finest dental care services in the country, look no further than Tucson, AZ.

One of the things that sets Tucson dentists apart is their sheer focus and dedication to their field of specialization. The level of dental care service that you can get in the city compares favorably with the dental care that you could get in the major urban centers of the world, and you will have no trouble finding someone who can handle the basic tasks such as teeth extraction, cleaning, and even more complex procedures with expertise and precision.

But more than professional dental care, the typical kids dentist in Tucson will also know fully well how to provide these services in a way that meets the specific requirements of children patients. They go beyond merely providing top-notch dental care, and always strive to make your children at ease besides. With this approach, Dr. Lele and Dr. Wolfman are able to foster an environment of positivity that will make your child thoroughly comfortable when visiting the dentist.

Find out more about the special brand of dental care that Tucson dentists can provide. Call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746, and we will be glad to tell you more.


Tucson Kid’s Dentist – Ensuring The Dental Health Of Your Child

Have you given some thought to taking your child to a Tucson kid’s dentist? If you haven’t yet, it would be wise to plan to take him in soon, and Great Grins Children’s Dentistry can help. Dental care is one of the most important of parental responsibilities, and it behooves us as parents to take care of this essential facet of overall health.

More than just ensuring the healthy condition of the teeth and gums, proper dental care will actually help your child live a healthy life in other, less immediately apparent ways. With healthy teeth and gums, your child will be able to enjoy a wide variety of healthy foods that may be difficult or even impossible to eat otherwise. This ensures his ability to benefit from a wider variety of nutrients, which in turn results in better overall health.

There are even longer term benefits to bringing your child to see a Tucson kid’s dentist as early as possible in his life. Dental care habits learned early on in the childhood years have a way of sticking with your child as he grows older. With the proper dental care methods that a pediatric dentist will teach your child, he will have the essential grounding in dental care that will continue to benefit him even as he grows into adulthood and beyond.

Clearly, taking your child to a Tucson kid’s dentist will be advantageous in more ways than one. Take care of this essential aspect of health and your child will continue to reap benefits for many years to come.

Learn more about children’s dental health by calling Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746.


Pediatric Dentist In Tucson – The Importance Of Proper Dental Care

If you are looking for a dental care professional that can help ensure the dental health of your children, look no further than a Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, your pediatric dentist in Tucson. The importance of proper dental care simply cannot be underestimated, and you really should look into hiring such a professional as early on as possible in your child’s life.

Many parents seem unsure of when the proper age is to bring a child in for his first visit to a pediatric dentist. Most experts actually agree that the earlier it is the better, with many agreeing that around the time of his first birthday is ideal. Although this may seem too soon to bring a child to the dentist–most children haven’t fully developed teeth yet at this age after all–doing so will help ensure that the teeth that will appear shortly will be in healthy condition.

Keep in mind that the condition of your child’s first teeth will have an impact on the condition of his subsequent permanent teeth, and even other aspects of his overall health. By taking care of his first teeth–and this includes periodic and early visits to a pediatric dentist in Tucson – he will have a much better chance of growing up with strong and healthy teeth and better overall health throughout the rest of his life. As a parent, this is one of the best things you can do for your child, so it is important to take this responsibility very seriously!

Get your child on the road to good dental health today! Call us at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746 and we will be glad to tell you more.


Pediatric Dentists In Tucson – Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Pediatric dentists in Tucson play an essential role that all families should definitely take advantage of early on in their child’s life. These dedicated professionals provide an invaluable service that encompasses not only ensuring the proper care of teeth and gums, but also the preservation of overall health. If you need someone who can help ensure that your child grows up strong and healthy with their teeth and gums in optimal condition, these are exactly the professionals you need.

It takes a special kind of dental care practitioner to cater to the unique needs of children, and Drs. Lele and Wolfman, board certified pediatric dentists in Tucson, are ideally suited to the task. With a professionalism and dedication borne out of years of experience, these dentists can handle virtually all your children’s dental care needs while ensuring that the experience is as positive and rewarding as it can possibly be.

Because children have very different needs from adults, Great Grins Children’s Dentistry in Tucson places a lot of emphasis on making sure that your child is totally comfortable behind the dentist’s chair. This is actually a very important role, because your child’s first few experiences in the dentist’s clinic will determine how open he is to the entire experience. With the professional care and attention provided by a good dentist, your child will grow up with a healthy attitude toward dental care.

Keeping your child’s teeth and gums in optimal condition is an important concern. Trust only a qualified dentist who is attuned to the needs of your child, and optimal dental health is assured.

Learn more about providing your children with quality dental care. Call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746 and we can provide you with more detailed information.


Pediatric Dentists In Tucson – Essential Dental Care For Your Child

Pediatric dentists provide an essential service that every child needs. We all want our children to grow up with strong and healthy teeth, but this can be a challenging task. Cavities, crooked teeth, overbites, and many other issues can all impact our children’s dental health. For this reason, regular visits to the dentist are important.

Pediatric Dentists in Tucson

Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele are board certified pediatric dentists in Tucson. They help make sure that these incidents don’t happen.  If there are any issues, our doctors take action to resolve them. It is important to visit the dentist regularly. By doing so, you can ensure that your child will develop good oral habits.

With the qualifications and experience of pediatric dentists, your child may actually look forward to the dentist. Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele can help your child grow up with a healthy mouth. Furthermore, they will notice issues before they become bigger problems. As a result, you will save time and money by fixing them ahead of time.

Services at Great Grins

We offer preventive, restorative, and sedation services at Great Grins. Our dentists also provide laser dentistry, which makes visits more pleasant for our patients. Some of our preventive services include cleanings, sealants and fluoride treatments. In addition, we offer fillings, baby root canals, and crowns. Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele also provide treatment with nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedation, and office/hospital based anesthesia.

Call Today!

Because of our commitment to children’s dental health, you can rest assured that your child will receive the best dental care. Furthermore, Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele are always looking for ways to advance in their field. Want to know more about how our pediatric dentists can help your child? Call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746 and let us help your child sport a winning smile!

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