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Healthy Diet for Your Children

A healthy diet for children is essential in order to establish lifelong dental health. Children require the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are found in a balanced diet to build strong teeth, which is one reason why diet is important. In addition, sugars, both natural and processed, can cause tooth decay and, therefore, their consumption should be minimized. Fortunately, there are additional measures that can be taken. Here are some tips from pediatric dentists that can help prevent tooth decay.

Common Foods

Since about 90 percent of all foods contain starches or sugars that can damage a child’s teeth, there is no avoiding them. However, it is possible to keep an eye on how and what a child eats. A child that spends all day drinking a single juice box has a higher risk of developing tooth decay than a child who drinks the same juice box very quickly. This is because the child is exposed to the sugar in the juice for longer, giving it a greater chance to do damage.

Healthy Diet for Children

There are some things that your pediatric dentist might suggest in order to promote a healthy diet. Try to limit the consumption of starches and sugars to mealtime only, as this gives you more control. When choosing snacks, stick to cheese, yogurt, and other healthy alternatives. Also, limit the consumption of sugary drinks, as they are some of the worst offenders, especially at bedtime.

Visit a Children’s Dentist in Tucson

In addition to a healthy diet and brushing your child’s teeth at least twice per day, regular dentist visits should be made. Visiting the dentist every 6 months ensures that your child is brushing properly and in turn helps prevent tooth decay. Call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry in Tucson, AZ at 520-325-4746. Our dentists are board certified and specialize in the dental care of infants, children, and teens, including those with special needs.

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