Monsoon Season and Dentistry: 3 Similarities | Tucson, AZ

Monsoon Season and Dentistry: 3 Similarities

Monsoon Season in Tucson

Who doesn’t love monsoon season? For us Tucsonans, it may be one of the best times of the year. Monsoon season starts in mid-June and runs through September. It is a time that brings a lot of heat, dust storms, and usually, heavy rain.

We love monsoon season at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry. So, we came up with a fun list of 3 things that this time of the year and dentistry have in common. Check it out below!

1: They both require water

Did you know that we use lots of water to clean your teeth? Just like you do at home! Water is required to get those teeth nice and shiny. Monsoons are different every year, but they usually come with water too. This is one of our favorite parts of the season, especially on rainy days when the sun is still shining bright at the same time.

2: Beneficial

Monsoon rains can help in dry lands where water is necessary. Some people even reclaim rainwater to use for other purposes. Of course, we all know dentistry is also beneficial! Dentists keep our teeth nice and healthy, or they can fix them when they are causing us pain. Visit your Tucson dentist to learn more about why it is so important to get regular cleanings.

3: Both Can Bring Pleasant Smells

That’s right! Many people love the smell that monsoon rains leave behind. However, nobody likes stinky breath, and that’s where dentistry comes in handy. If you brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, you can avoid stinky breath! When you go to the dentist, the different flavors of toothpaste or varnish will also keep your breath (and teeth) fresh.

So, what are your favorite parts of monsoon season? How about dentistry? Naturally, we love both! Great Grins Children’s Dentistry is located in central Tucson, AZ where we enjoy hot summers but also monsoon rains. We love our local community! If you’re looking for a kid’s dentist in Tucson, please contact us at (520)325-4746 to schedule your child’s next appointment.

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