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Cough Syrup for Young Children

When a child is sick, parents are left with a many hard choices. Should you give your child cough syrup? On one hand, without cough syrup, a child might struggle to sleep. On the other hand, most cough syrups are high in sugar and, therefore, can lead to tooth decay. Read more below about different options and alternatives to cough syrup.

Cough Syrup Problems

Cough syrup contains ingredients like sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, and citric acid that can be harmful to teeth. These ingredients attack the enamel on the child’s teeth, putting them at a greater risk of tooth decay. For this reason, pediatric dentists do not recommend giving a child cough syrup right before bed.

What Can You Do?

There are situations where the child needs medication, as a cold can be very uncomfortable for little ones. Start by giving your child the medicine at mealtime, and not right before bed. Then, make sure that you brush the child’s teeth with a fluoride toothpaste immediately after he/she takes the cough syrup. Many pediatric dentists also recommend giving your child a calcium supplement or a topical fluoride right after taking any liquid medications.

Children’s Dentist in Tucson

If you have any questions about cough syrup or other cold medications that may affect a child’s teeth, contact Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746. Our team is ready to help and schedule an appointment to get your child on the path to healthy teeth.

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