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Why Dentists in Tucson Fix Baby Teeth

Although permanent teeth will outgrow baby teeth, it is still important to take care of the first set of teeth. Our pediatric dentists in Tucson, Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele, realize that your baby’s teeth are very important to their overall development. Failing to take care of these teeth can cause bigger developmental issues in the future.

Speaking and Chewing

As baby teeth come in, they help your child to speak. You may have noticed that when older people speak without their dentures, it can be difficult to form words without teeth. Chewing many foods is impossible without teeth as well. Not being able to eat a variety of foods can hinder your child nutritionally, making teeth very important to their overall health. It is important that a child has their teeth to speak and eat, especially at such an early and crucial stage of their lives.

Space for Adult Teeth

Baby teeth have a very important role in the mouth, as they create room for the adult teeth that will grow later. In situations where a baby tooth is lost too early, the teeth around it could start to shift. In some cases, this could make it so the adult teeth don’t have enough space to come through the gums. You should make regular appointments with one of your pediatric dentists in Tucson if your child loses a tooth too early, as it could lead to his adult teeth coming in crooked or not at all.

Dentists in Tucson

One of the best ways to care for your child’s teeth is by making regular dentist appointments. Teeth cleanings are very important because they help to remove particles that can cause tooth decay. Call our pediatric dentists in Tucson at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at 520-325-4746 to make an appointment.

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