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Talking to Your Child About the Dentist

The Dentist: Talking to Your Child About a Visit

Children can have many questions when it comes to their first dental appointment. It is a good idea to have an answer for thier questions, but at the same time keep the child calm in the days leading up to this appointment. While this can be a difficult line to walk, it will make your child’s first trip to the kids dentist go much more smoothly.

Do Not Show Anxiety

If you seem anxious about the dental visit, your child will pick up on it. Children are incredibly in-tune with their parents and if they act differently, they can usually notice. Therefore, speak to your child casually about the dentist appointment. The goal is to build a positive association with the dentist, not a scary one. This will make all future visits much more pleasant for all of the people involved, including parents!

Sometime Less is More

Many parents struggle to hide their nervousness before a child’s first dentist appointment. When we feel that our little ones might be uncomfortable about  a situation, it is difficult to hide anxiety. Try to say as little as possible about the visit without making the child afraid. That way, the dentist can start with a clean slate. It is not a good idea to bring the child in with a dislike towards the dentist. The dentists will do their best to help the child feel relaxed.

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