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White Fillings and Silver Fillings

What are the differences between white fillings and silver fillings? When part of a tooth starts to decay, a visit to the dentist is the first step towards a solution. When a cavity is filled by a dentist, the decayed part of the tooth will be removed with a drill. This prevents the decay from spreading further into the tooth. Then, the dentist will fill the tooth, so that the patient is able to eat without worrying about having a hole present. So, what is used to fill the tooth? Here are some different methods:

Tooth Colored Resin

When the cavity is located on the chewing surface or the top of the tooth, dentists will apply a resin. After the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth, he/she then applies the resin to the hole and covers it with a sealant. This procedure is usually done at a preventative measure.

White Fillings

When a cavity forms on the front of the tooth, a composite resin is used. This resin is made to match the tooth in color, since the filling will be highly visible. White fillings only work on small cavities, which is why they are usually only used on the front portion of the tooth.

Silver Fillings

In situations where the back teeth require a filling, dentists often use silver fillings. Although they are more visible than tooth colored fillings, this option is highly durable, so you won’t have to worry as much about damaging the filling over time.

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