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Pediatric Dentists In Tucson

Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele are board-certified pediatric dentists in Tucson, AZ. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we know that keeping your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth in healthy condition is by no means an easy task. You are bound to run into some difficulties getting your child accustomed to the proper routine. It can often seem like an impossible task, but persistence and dedication will ultimately lead to a child who grows up with healthy teeth and gums, and good dental care practices for life.

If you are looking for pediatric dentists in Tucson, Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry can help! Our pediatric dentists are board-certified and are highly qualified to deal with dental problems that occur in children. They are especially adept at making sure that the experience is a positive one for you and your child. Let’s face it: hardly anyone looks forward to a dentist visit, and children are often reluctant when faced with the prospect of seeing a dentist. However, at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we like to establish positive associations with the dentist at an early age.

Our pediatric dentists in Tucson, Drs. Wolfman and Lele, understand the concerns that parents and children face with regard to the first visit, which is why we strive to provide more than just quality dental care. We also foster a pleasant atmosphere that will help ease your child. With you and your child’s worries put at ease, our well trained professionals will be in a much better position to deliver the kind of care that your child needs to ensure proper dental development during the crucial early years.

Learn more about what we can do for your child’s dental health. Call us at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746 or email to schedule your visit today!


Pediatric Dentists Encourage Childhood Dental Care

If you have been taking your child to a regular dentist, it may be time to consider changing over to pediatric dentists instead. Like all reputable dentists, our pediatric dentists at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry have received extensive training in virtually every aspect of childhood dental care, from routine diagnostics and preventive maintenance, to more intensive procedures and even surgery.

Apart from the tasks expected of all dentists, Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele are also well-versed in techniques and procedures specifically intended for treating children with dental problems–even very young children, including infants. Our dentists work closely with parents and young patients in ensuring the delivery of the most effective and most appropriate treatment methods possible. We are especially adept at making sure that our young patients get the type of dental care that is most suited to their specific needs during this crucial period in their lives.

More than just quality dental care, we also strive to maintain a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for all our young patients. We are fully aware that children are often reluctant–and even fearful–of the first few dentist visits, and we make sure that our treatment approach makes them as comfortable as possible. In this way, we ensure a more positive dental experience, with none of the trauma associated with going to the dentist. With this approach, your children have a much a better chance of developing a favorable attitude towards professional dental care, an attitude which they will hopefully maintain throughout the rest of their lives.

To find out more about childhood dental care, call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746.


Child Dental Health With A Pediatric Dentist

Have you considered taking your child to a pediatric dentist yet? A child’s dental health is important, and if your child’s first tooth has already made an appearance, you should plan for a visit within the next few months. Although you may think that it is too early to go in for a dentist visit, it is actually a good idea to seek consultation with a pediatric dentist within 6 months after the first tooth has appeared. By this time, your child’s mouth will have developed enough for your dentist to perform a thorough diagnosis and to assess the condition of your child’s teeth and gums.

Although nothing can take the place of the professional dental care provided by our qualified dentists, you as the parent will have to do your part in ensuring proper dental health development as well. With the appearance of the first few teeth, you should start off your child on a regular daily regimen of brushing and flossing in order to maintain the good condition of the fragile new teeth.

Young children will be unable to do a proper job of brushing and flossing of course, which is why you should do it for them at the start. As you brush and floss their teeth, you can provide encouragement and instructions on how to do it properly, so that they will eventually be able to take care of their teeth on their own. By the time your child is able to put on his clothes by himself, he should be ready to brush and floss his teeth as well.

Learn more about proper dental care by calling Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746.


Preparing For a Visit to the Dentist

Regular dentist visits are important for children, as they will learn proper oral hygiene from an early age. Preparing for a visit to the dentist is simple, and the visits help to keep their teeth healthy, preventing more expensive problems in the future. Once you find a kids dentist that you trust, it is a good idea to teach your children as much as possible before their first appointment. That way, the visit will go smoothly, making it easier to get them back into the dentist’s chair in the future.

Proper Dental Care at Home
You won’t take your children to the dentist for the first few months of their lives, but this does not mean that you should ignore their oral hygiene. Start by gently washing your baby’s mouth with a cloth after every meal. This helps the child to get used to having his or her teeth cleaned. Later on, you can introduce a toothbrush to the equation and make it part of your nightly bedtime routine.

Before the First Visit
There is usually some anxiety for children when visiting the dentist, but you can alleviate some of this by preparing them beforehand. Try explaining what happens at the dentist and practice sitting in the chair. The more you practice the experience, the better your children will do when the time comes. Make it very clear that it will not hurt, but there will be some unfamiliar noises during the checkup.

Choosing a Dentist
As with anything involving your children, you will want to take the time to find the right dentist to meet your needs. Choosing a kids dentist, such as Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, can make the experience much easier because they specialize in working with children. Give us a call at 520-325-4746 to learn more about the complete dental experience for your children.


Children’s Dentist to Motivate Your Kids

It’s no secret that dentist offices are scary places, especially for children. That being said, it is important to motivate your kids when it comes to taking care of their teeth. Throughout life, if a patient doesn’t want to practice good dental hygiene, there isn’t a dentist office in the world that can help. As that’s the case, it’s very important to instill good dental hygiene into pediatric patients, so they can become lifelong motivated patients. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we make it our goal to start these habits. We work every minute of our day around making sure kids feel comfortable and at home in our offices.

The tiniest details can completely sway a child in what’s safe and what’s not. We pay attention to these details to motivate your kids and make sure that they always feel safe. Every person who we hire to work with us is hired because we know that they are good with children. Our pediatric dentists, Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele, are trained to deal with any pediatric patient, including special needs children. Having a staff that is capable of working with children is our greatest asset.

To help calm nerves before an appointment, we offer a variety of fun activities in the waiting room. These include video games for older children and story books for our youngest to read. These all seem like minuscule, almost required details. However, we do them, while some children’s dentists do not. These are the reasons why we feel we can motivate your kids to pursue good dental hygiene for life, by making them comfortable. If you’d like to start your kids on a path to good habits, you can call us at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry today at 520-325-4746.


Tucson Pediatric Dentist Stays True to Family Owned Ideals

A family owned practice through and through, it has always been our goal at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry to offer the best; whether it be clinically or professionally. We take our commitment to excellence very serious, despite the hard work and effort it takes. By being one of the only Tucson pediatric dentist offices to do many things, we believe we can earn a spot in your children’s hearts.

The moment you and your children walk into our family owned practice, it’ll be clear to you that we aren’t a typical dentist office. They’ll be sure to notice that our office is themed around sports, with inviting colors. Then, they’ll see one of our staff approaching them – but it won’t be the scary dentist coming to get them, it’ll be a friendly doctor with a smile that’s sure to warm your child’s heart. The only thing more welcoming than our office is our staff, who will definitely make your kids feel at home.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of our resident tooth fairy on her way to visit a school! And if your kid’s nerves aren’t calmed by our decor or our professional staff, they can visit with Jesse, our hypo allergenic mascot who loves attention. These are the ways that Great Grins Children’s Dentistry has stayed true to our values, and continued to be one of the best Tucson pediatric dentists around. If you’re ready to see for yourself, give us a call at 520-325-4746.


Kids Dentist Helps Teach Kids Good Oral Hygiene

When it comes to dentistry, it’s always better to practice preemptively than it is to fix problems later down the road. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to trust a practice who not only specializes in pediatric patients, but one who also practices a wide variety of preventive dentistry. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we take good oral hygiene seriously. Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele have been practicing all forms of pediatric dentistry for over 30 combined years, so we know a thing or two about preventive work and how to best get it to children. This is why one of our most valued staff members, the tooth fairy, goes to schools and libraries teaching good brushing and flossing.

Brushing and flossing are great tools to prevent tooth decay at home, but in the office we offer many procedures to prevent teeth from weakening over time. One of the most common services we offer that even adults are sure to get done at their dentist’s is a fluoride varnish. This is indeed a valuable tool, as it can help prevent tooth decay later on in life. It also has been shown to help relieve hypersensitivity. That’s an uncomfortable condition where even ice water can cause short bursts of pain on your teeth, and it’s easily preventable with good oral hygiene.

We do aim to be the best pediatric dentists, but right now we feel comfortable as being the best at preventing dental problems down the road. Call 520-325-4746 to speak to someone at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry to help your kids prevent these problems.


Getting Crowns at a Pediatric Dentist

There are many reasons that one might need dental crowns from a pediatric dentist, even at a young age. We know that many of these causes are unavoidable. One of the most common reasons young people need dental crowns is because of accidental cracks in the teeth. A dental crown is the easiest solution to this, as it will keep the weak tooth from getting any weaker. Likewise, if a tooth is already broken, a crown can be used almost as a cast to help repair the tooth.

In other circumstances, primarily in baby teeth for pediatric patients, crowns can be used to protect teeth in cases where the patient is at a high risk for tooth decay. It isn’t always easy to get your children to maintain dental hygiene, and even then sometimes it just isn’t good enough and teeth can weaken. Whatever the case may be, it is well known that a crown can fix many problems, especially in younger patients like the ones we service. This is why Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry practice crowns. We can introduce both anterior crowns that are almost invisible next to teeth, and stainless steel crowns that protect the damaged tooth.

If your child has damaged teeth from any circumstances, it’s very important that they see a pediatric dentist immediately. Great Grins Children’s Dentistry aims to be the only pediatric dentist in Tucson to offer crowns in an environment where an otherwise scary procedure is comfortable for your children. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to see what needs to be done, call us at 520-325-4746.


Kid’s Dentist Prepares Kids for Healthy Life

At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we try our best to instill good habits in your children so that they can have a healthy smile for their entire lives. It’s not hard to fall behind in brushing habits, which makes it very easy to experience gingivitis and tooth decay later in life. This is the main reason that the entire staff we employ works their hardest everyday to make sure that kids know how to brush their teeth properly, floss regularly, and more to promote a healthy life.

One thing that we offer that many people don’t is a tool that people can take advantage of outside of our office – a traveling tooth fairy! She is a valued member of our staff who loves to travel to schools and libraries teaching people how to eat properly and clean their teeth afterwards. She’s also more than happy to read storybooks to your kids to entertain them!

Then, when she has gone home for the day and your child is interested in paying us a visit, they’ll be greeted by friendly staff and a sports themed office where they can feel at home. At Great Grins, Dr. Lele and Dr. Wolfman can perform many preventive procedures that will keep your kid’s teeth clean for years to come. Before they leave, though, we’ll again go over the tooth fairy’s class on brushing and flossing. While it will never be a way to avoid the dentist, your kids can avoid many dental problems by doing these tasks everyday!

We are committed to preparing kids for a healthy life and dental future. When you’re ready to work with Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, give us a call at 520-325-4746.


Children’s Dentist Practices Extractions and More

When it comes time to have a child’s tooth removed, it’s never pretty. The idea of being sedated in a place already unfamiliar and scary can sometimes be too much for children. If extractions are needed, it’s best to take the child to a place where they feel comfortable with the staff and the practice. Great Grins Children’s Dentistry is one of the best places to trust, because we already have the qualities of a dentist office that kids want to be at.

When we remodeled our offices, we designed it so that kids would feel welcome. The patients’ rooms are all sports themed, and there’s plenty of things to keep a child’s mind free from thoughts of a painful procedure, including video games.

We also have a reputation for having extremely kid friendly staff, who are all specially trained to work with children. Our practice doesn’t see adults at all, so we’ve had a long time to perfect the art of dentistry on kids who may be afraid of it.

Most importantly though, we are trusted by the state of Arizona to administer office based anesthesia including nitrous oxide. Our trusted anesthesiologists are wonderful at doing their job of keeping your kids pain free during extractions. When your child wakes up, they’ll be in the same familiar and comfortable place they fell asleep in, which only helps them feel safe.

These are just a few reasons to trust Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry. We are great at what we do, and we continue to get better. When it comes time for your child to have extractions, it would be best for them to have been a patient with us beforehand, so when you’re ready to put your trust in the right practice, call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at 520-325-4746.

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