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Pediatric dentistry is a specialized kind of dental care that concentrates on children, teenagers, and infants and their dental needs. It is a key component in keeping your child’s teeth healthy and their smile bright.

Great Grins Children's Dentistry in Tucson
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An Abundance of Options

Teaching children the proper way to care for their teeth at a young age can make it easier for them to do so when they grow up. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, our talented Tucson team specializes in an abundance of different services to help achieve this.

Regular, thorough oral examinations can help pediatric dental specialists identify potential issues related to patients’ teeth and mouths.

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists specialize in the care of younger patients from infancy to adolescence.

They participate in additional training and receive additional education to allow them to better diagnose and treat the oral health conditions of their young patients.

Services they offer range from preventive to restorative based on a child’s individual needs.

Great Grins Children's Dentistry in TucsonGreat Grins Children's Dentistry in Tucson

Preventive Services with a Children’s Dentist

Preventive dentistry refers to the dental practice of detecting and treating potential oral issues in their early stages.

Taking a proactive approach to pediatric dentistry allows our team at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry to prevent the need for costly restorative procedures in the future.

Routine checkups and cleanings help us stop problems before they start.

Great Grins Children's Dentistry in Tucson

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental procedures occur when a patient’s damaged or decayed teeth need repairing.

Dental restoration may include things such as replacing damaged or missing teeth or installing things like fillings and crowns with the ultimate goal of revitalizing your child’s natural smile and preventing oral health issues in the future.

Great Grins Children's Dentistry in Tucson

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry includes the use of a sedative to temporarily put your child to sleep or numb a specific area.

This type of dentistry uses anesthesia in order to allow pediatric dental specialists to proceed with the necessary dental procedures while also lessening or eliminating any pain or discomfort the patient may feel.

Great Grins Children's Dentistry in Tucson


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