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Losing Baby Teeth: What Now?

Has your child started losing baby teeth? This is a normal developmental milestone! Every child loses baby teeth, and it can happen at different ages. However, before losing baby teeth, it is important to take care of them as much as possible. Visiting a pediatric dentist regularly ensures that the teeth are taken care of to save the space for adult teeth! Read on to learn more about the process and what to do.

When Do They Fall Out?

Many children begin losing baby teeth between the ages of five and six. Baby teeth are very important for developmental growth in children. You can read more about your child’s primary teeth here. Usually, the earlier your child’s baby teeth erupted, the earlier they will come out. Keep in mind, however, that some children start losing teeth at the age of four, while others don’t lose their teeth until they are seven. Every child’s growth is different and you can always check with your pediatric dentist if you have any concerns.

Losing Baby Teeth: What to Do

Children do not usually feel much discomfort when losing baby teeth. Your child’s pediatric dentist will take x-rays as necessary to ensure that the teeth are developing normally. Regular dental visits are important, especially for children, as problems can be detected early on. If your child experiences any pain or discomfort, schedule a visit with a pediatric dentist near you.

Tucson Dentist

Looking for a pediatric dentist in Tucson, AZ? Great Grins Children’s Dentistry is centrally located in Tucson for your convenience! Our doctors, Drs. Kedar Lele and Angela Wolfman, are a husband and wife team and are both board certified. They specialize in dental care for infants, children, and teens, including those with special needs. We work with most insurance plans and offer complimentary benefit checks. Call us today at (520)325-4746 to schedule your little one’s appointment at Great Grins!


How to Clean a Toothbrush: Tips

Wondering how to clean a toothbrush? Just like brushing your child’s teeth, cleaning their toothbrush is just as important! It is possible to get sick from using a toothbrush that is covered in bacteria. Your kids dentist will likely recommend that you change your child’s toothbrush every 3-4 months. If a toothbrush is looking too worn down, it can be changed sooner. You should also change it after your child gets sick to prevent the illness from returning.

How To Clean a Toothbrush

Dry It Off

Leaving moisture on a toothbrush is the perfect habitat for bacteria to grow. After your child brushes his/her teeth, the first step is to make sure that you rinse the toothbrush. Then, dry your child’s toothbrush after every use. By removing moisture, you make it more difficult for bacteria to multiply and, therefore, decrease the chances of your child getting sick.

Put Toothbrush Away

Always store your child’s toothbrush in a dry area and never put it into a container while it is still wet. Once again, you do not want moisture to sit on the toothbrush for a prolonged period.

Wash Up

You should always wash your hands before and after brushing your teeth. Washing up is necessary in order to avoid transferring bacteria onto your toothbrush.

Visit a Dentist

For more tips on how to clean a toothbrush, speak with your child’s dentist. Our doctors at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry are Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Drs. Kedar Lele and Angela Wolfman specialize in dental care for infants, children, and teenagers. We are conveniently located in central Tucson, AZ! Our friendly team is also happy to provide you with a complimentary insurance benefit check. We have a fun office specifically designed for children! Call us today at (520)325-4746 to schedule an appointment for your little one!


Habits That Can Be Good for Your Child!

Proper brushing habits have a huge impact on a child’s dental health! They encourage a lifetime of healthy teeth. A great way to develop good oral hygiene practices is by visiting a dentist. Taking your little ones to dental appointments will help you out, too! It is a common misconception that baby teeth are not important. A pediatric dentist can help parents and children understand the importance of ALL of our teeth, permanent or not. Healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult teeth!

Brushing Habits

Brushing habits can be learned at an early age. Though it may get difficult as children do not usually like to brush, it is certainly possible! Even the smallest steps can make a difference. Teaching good dental practices requires commitment and patience from the parent. Think about all the cavities your child can avoid if they brush and floss daily! Begin by making brushing fun with interactive toothbrushes, character toothpastes, etc.

Flossing Habits

You can start flossing your baby’s teeth as soon as they have two next to each other. Flossing helps prevent cavities between the teeth where food and plaque build up. It is important to floss at the same time every day to avoid cavity-causing bacteria.

Pediatric Dentist in Tucson

Looking for a children’s dentist in Tucson, AZ? Call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520)325-4746 to schedule an appointment for your little one. Drs. Kedar Lele and Angela Wolfman are happy to answer any questions you may have. They are both diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and specialize in dental care for infants, children, and teens. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we accept most insurance plans and can provide a complimentary benefit check prior to your dental visit. Call us today and get your child on their way to sporting a winning smile!


Misconceptions About the Dentist

We all have some ideas about going to the dentist. There can be some common misconceptions that we hear from friends or family members, or maybe on the internet. Children have their own thoughts about dental appointments. In many cases, children have an idea of what to expect at the dentist. For first visits, they may be nervous thinking about bad experiences or misconceptions they have heard. Read on to learn about ways to ease their fears.

Misconceptions About Going to the Dentist:

Children are Scared

There is a common belief that children are supposed to be scared of the dentist. One way to eliminate this possibility is by taking your little one to a pediatric dentist. When you take your child to a children’s dentist, the visit can actually be enjoyable! Pediatric dental offices are tailored to fit a child’s needs. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, we have movies, toys, books, and plenty of activities for children to feel comfortable.

Brushing Does Not Make a Difference

It is important to develop good oral hygiene habits at an early age. This includes brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily. Your child’s brushing should be supervised until they are old enough to do correctly on their own. Be sure to encourage proper brushing so that dental visits are less scary.

Type of Brush Doesn’t Matter

One of the biggest dental misconceptions is in regards to the type of toothbrush a child uses. Everything from the size to the color of a toothbrush can change a child’s oral habits. Choose a toothbrush that they are comfortable with.

Pediatric Dentist in Tucson

Our board certified pediatric dentists, Dr. Kedar Lele and Dr. Angela Wolfman, specialize in dental care for infants, children, and teens. Call us at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at 520-325-4746 to schedule your little one’s appointment!


3 Tips for Avoiding Cavities

Avoiding cavities is possible, and the process starts with dental care at home. Everything from what we eat to what we drink affects our teeth! Our dentists at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry specialize in children’s oral health and are happy to share some great tips along the way. By following these tips for avoiding cavities, you can limit the number of cavities that your child develops in the future which will be less costly for you!

No Sugary Drinks
As a child is developing, drinks like soda and artificially sweetened juice are common but not good for our teeth. Not only do these items offer little nutritional value, but they can also cause cavities. Sugary drinks leave behind a film on the teeth, which leads to decay. Soda also contains chemicals that can actually melt metal in high doses. Avoiding these drinks or limiting the quantity of intake is important to your child’s oral health.

Drink Lots of Water
Sipping on water throughout the day can help clean the teeth. Food particles often get stuck between the teeth and can cause cavities. If your child drinks water throughout the day, however, it can dislodge some of these particles before they have the chance to damage the teeth. Your child can then be less likely to have cavities when you visit your pediatric dentist!

Regular Dentist Visits
Regular visits to the dentist, at least every six months, are important to help your child avoid cavities and other decay. Make an appointment with our pediatric dentists today by calling Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746.


Questions About a Kid’s Dentist

As a parent, you probably have a number of questions that you’d like to ask your child’s dentist. After all, the more information you have before making an appointment, the better you can prepare both yourself and your child. These are some of the most frequently asked questions by parents regarding pediatric dentists. Read on to learn more about a child’s first dental visit and some tips.

Common Questions: When Should the First Visit Be?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your child to a pediatric dentist  by age one or no later than six months after the first tooth erupts. There are situations where this recommendation can vary. If your baby is born with teeth or gets teeth at a very young age, or if you have any additional concerns, it is always a good idea to contact a pediatric dentist. Even if you have no concerns, it is important that your little one visits a dentist by age one. Early visits to the dentist ensure that the child builds a positive relationship with the dentist. They can also prevent bigger dental problems in the future.

What Can I Do?

Good oral health starts at home, so it is important to take an active role. Try to give your child foods from every food group daily. Juice and other sugary drinks or food are common culprits of cavities in baby teeth. Brush your child’s teeth at least twice per day for two minutes at a time. Floss the child’s teeth at least once per day as well. Brushing and flossing should be supervised by an adult until the child can do it on his/her own.

Are Dentist Appointments Necessary?

Yes, it is extremely important that your child receives routine care from a kids dentist. Regular cleanings and fluoride treatment can reduce decay. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, Dr. Lele and Dr. Wolfman are Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. They specialize in dental care for infant, children, and teens. If you have any questions, call us today at (520)325-4746 and schedule your child’s visit!


First Visit to the Dentist!

A child’s first visit to the dentist can make both the child and the parent a little bit nervous. Many children have a fear of the dentist before they even set foot in the door. These negative thoughts can sometimes come from scary stories. Some television shows or movies show scary experiences at the dentist. Whether your child has had or heard about bad dental visits, here are some tips that may help.

First Visit to the Dentist: Play Dentist at Home

Prior to a first visit to the dentist, play dentist at home with your child. Take turns examining each other’s teeth, as this can help the child get used to the idea. You can even mimic the sounds that the instruments make, so it is not a surprise when he/she hears them for the first time. The more often you pretend to visit the dentist, the easier that first appointment will be. Click here for some fun dental activity ideas that can help too!

Read Books

Take a trip to the library or bookstore and find some books that show the entire dentist experience. A Tucson pediatric dentist might have some recommendations on books that do a good job of helping children to warm up to the idea. You can then talk to your child about the book to ease any concerns that he/she might have about the upcoming visit. Make the stories fun and positive. The more fun the child has, the less scary the first visit to the dentist will be.

Children’s Dentist in Tucson

Perhaps most importantly, let your dentist know if your child is nervous about going to the dentist. This can help the dentist come up with a plan to help the child feel more comfortable. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, Drs. Lele and Wolfman specialize in dental care for infants, children, and teens, including those with special needs. Give us a call at (520)325-4746 to schedule your little one’s first visit to the dentist.


Dentist Cost: Tips for Dental care

How much does the dentist cost? Parents are often worried about expenses when it comes to dental care. There is a misconception that all dental visits cost a lot of money and that taking your child to the dentist is going to break the bank. For this reason, many parents may avoid taking their children to the dentist. Costs depend on the type of work needed. Usually, the more your child visits the dentist, the more money you save.

Reducing Dentist Cost: Preventative Care

Regular visits to the dentist are less expensive because your child’s dentist can treat or prevent problems before they become bigger. Fillings and crowns done at the dentist cost a lot more than a cleaning and exam. Cleanings are less scary for little ones, too, so they can build a positive relationship with the dentist. One of the most important things to get from regular dental visits is education. Both parents and children can learn how to avoid cavities. This will be beneficial and cost-effective in the long run!

Dental Problems

If your child does need a filling or any other type of treatment, you may still be able to reduce dentist cost by getting it treated early. Avoiding the dentist, especially when there is decay, can lead to more decay. This usually costs more money and can mean more pain for the child. It is best to try to avoid cavities, but if it does happen, take care of it as soon as possible.

Great Grins

Dr. Lele and Dr. Wolfman are board certified pediatric dentists. Our office is located in central Tucson, AZ, for your convenience! Our doctors specialize in dental care for infants, children, and teens, including those with special needs. We work with most insurance plans and are happy to provide a complimentary benefit check. Call us at (520)325-4746 to schedule your little one’s appointment!


What to Do When Dentists Find Cavities

Does your child have a cavity? Read on to learn more about what to do when this occurs. Children tend to get cavities more often than adults. Therefore, it is important to help keep your child’s teeth clean between dental visits. Diet also plays a big role in a child’s dental health. The following information can help you keep your child’s teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

What to do: Regular Brushing

Do you brush your child’s teeth after breakfast? Many parents brush their child’s teeth first thing in the morning, but do not do it after the first meal of the day. Make sure to also brush their teeth after their last meal at night. Teeth should be brushed after every meal, or at least twice a day. Brushing teeth at night allows us to go to bed with a clean mouth and prevent bacteria from sitting there overnight. Younger children should be supervised by an adult when brushing until they are old enough to brush on their own.

Avoid Chewy Foods

Does your child love foods like caramel and raisins? This could be causing problems with his/her teeth. These sticky and chewy items stick to the teeth for hours, which can lead to tooth decay. What to do if your child insists on eating these items? Limit the amount and be sure they do so before they brush their teeth. This limits the food’s exposure to the teeth, preventing cavities in the process. Be sure to also avoid sugary drinks as much as possible, especially before betime.

Pediatric Dentist in Tucson

Knowing what to do when your child has cavities is important in avoiding them. Visit the dentist regularly in order to avoid decay. If there is a cavity, get it treated as soon as possible. Our pediatric dentists at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry specialize in dental care for infants, children, and teens, including those with special needs. Call us at (520)325-4746 to schedule your child’s appointment today!


What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do

So, what does a pediatric dentist do? Seeing a dentist is important for both children and adults, but sometimes they see different types of dentists. Pediatric dentists specialize in dentistry for infants, children, and teenagers. It is important to see a dentist at least every six months. This frequency can change depending on a person’s oral health. Read on to learn more about what a pediatric dentist does and how it affects your child!

Overall Health: What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

When your child’s mouth is healthy, the rest of the body follows suit. Dental health is extremely important, especially for little ones. A pediatric dentist has additional training and education in the field of children dentistry. After dental school, they learn about treatment and cases specific to oral health for children. Pediatric dentists only work with children, so they know how to handle issues that may arise with little ones.

An Office for Children

A child that has a healthy smile will have more self confidence than a child who does not. Our pediatric dentists at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry work hard to build a great relationship with their patients so that they want to come back to the dentist! Pediatric dentists will usually work in an office that is designed specially for children. This creates a fun environment instead of a scary one. Drs. Kedar Lele and Angela Wolfman at Great Grins will surely help you and your child understand the importance of dental health. We have patients that don’t want to leave!

A Pediatric Dentist in Tucson

Dr. Lele and Dr. Wolfman are board certified pediatric dentists. Becoming board certified also requires additional testing and is voluntary. We can provide the best dental care possible for your child at Great Grins in Tucson, AZ. Give us a call at (520)325-4746 to schedule your child’s appointment!

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