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Cough Syrup for Young Children

When a child is sick, parents are left with a many hard choices. Should you give your child cough syrup? On one hand, without cough syrup, a child might struggle to sleep. On the other hand, most cough syrups are high in sugar and, therefore, can lead to tooth decay. Read more below about different options and alternatives to cough syrup.

Cough Syrup Problems

Cough syrup contains ingredients like sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, and citric acid that can be harmful to teeth. These ingredients attack the enamel on the child’s teeth, putting them at a greater risk of tooth decay. For this reason, pediatric dentists do not recommend giving a child cough syrup right before bed.

What Can You Do?

There are situations where the child needs medication, as a cold can be very uncomfortable for little ones. Start by giving your child the medicine at mealtime, and not right before bed. Then, make sure that you brush the child’s teeth with a fluoride toothpaste immediately after he/she takes the cough syrup. Many pediatric dentists also recommend giving your child a calcium supplement or a topical fluoride right after taking any liquid medications.

Children’s Dentist in Tucson

If you have any questions about cough syrup or other cold medications that may affect a child’s teeth, contact Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746. Our team is ready to help and schedule an appointment to get your child on the path to healthy teeth.


Talking to Your Child About the Dentist

The Dentist: Talking to Your Child About a Visit

Children can have many questions when it comes to their first dental appointment. It is a good idea to have an answer for thier questions, but at the same time keep the child calm in the days leading up to this appointment. While this can be a difficult line to walk, it will make your child’s first trip to the kids dentist go much more smoothly.

Do Not Show Anxiety

If you seem anxious about the dental visit, your child will pick up on it. Children are incredibly in-tune with their parents and if they act differently, they can usually notice. Therefore, speak to your child casually about the dentist appointment. The goal is to build a positive association with the dentist, not a scary one. This will make all future visits much more pleasant for all of the people involved, including parents!

Sometime Less is More

Many parents struggle to hide their nervousness before a child’s first dentist appointment. When we feel that our little ones might be uncomfortable about  a situation, it is difficult to hide anxiety. Try to say as little as possible about the visit without making the child afraid. That way, the dentist can start with a clean slate. It is not a good idea to bring the child in with a dislike towards the dentist. The dentists will do their best to help the child feel relaxed.

Dentist in Tucson

At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, our doctors are board certified pediatric dentists. We specialize in the dental care for infants, children, and teens, including those with special needs. Call us at 520-325-4746 to schedule an appointment for your little one today!


Tooth Decay in Children

What Can Dentists Do About Tooth Decay?

When pediatric dentists realize that your child falls into a high risk category for developing tooth decay, there are a few things that can be done. The dentist will recommend scheduling regular dental visits so that the teeth can be watched and prevent decay. The following are a few additional steps that the dentist will take to ensure good oral health for your child.

Provide Education

Perhaps the most important thing that pediatric dentists can do for their patients is educate them. The more your child knows about keeping teeth clean, the easier the process will be. The dentist will educate both patient and parent about tooth decay prevention and the importance of brushing and flossing.

Fluoride Application

Applying fluoride to the teeth is a great way to help high risk children, since it strengthens the enamel. With stronger enamel, tooth decay has a tougher time taking hold of the tooth. As long as the child continues cleaning his/her teeth as instructed by the dentist, cavities can be prevented.


When particular teeth are susceptible to tooth decay, the dentist might apply sealants. This is a simple procedure that provides an additional barrier between the bacteria that forms in the mouth and the child’s teeth.

Children’s Dentist in Tucson

Visiting the dentist at an early age is a crucial step to good oral health for life. Call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at 520-325-4746 to schedule an appointment. Our doctors are board certified pediatric dentists who can provide the best care for your little one!


Can You See Cavities?

There are plenty of myths regarding oral care that you might have heard over the years. It is important to learn as much as possible about proper dental care at home in order to avoid bigger problems. Regular dental visits, usually every six months, are necessary in order to insure that the teeth are properly taken care of. Read below to learn about some common misconceptions and why visiting a dentist is so important.

Can You See Cavities?

Many people grow up thinking that you’ll know for sure if you have a cavity because it will hurt. Another common misconception is that you can see cavities with the naked eye. This is not the case, as many cavities cannot be seen or felt at all. Therefore, even if your child hasn’t complained about a sore tooth, it is still important that he/she see a children’s dentist at regular intervals. The only way to tell if cavities are present is to receive a full examination and possibly take x-rays at a dental office.

Fillings Have to be Replaced
Some believe that fillings will eventually have to get replaced, but this is not true if a proper dental routine is followed. Be sure that your children brush their teeth at least two times a day and floss daily.

Babies Don’t Get Cavities
Children of any age are prone to cavities. Can you see cavities in babies? Babies can actually get bacteria from the mother’s mouth and are some times more prone to decay due to bottle feeding. It is important to take your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth arrives, and no later than their first birthday. Call Great Grins Children’s Dentistry at (520) 325-4746 to make your child’s first appointment and learn more about dental health!


New Teeth in Children

As your baby begins to develop new teeth, you should schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist. Although regular visits to the dentist are very important, caring for teeth at home makes a big difference too. The teething period is never easy for a parent or a child, but these tips can help to alleviate some of the discomfort. Read on for some techniques that may be helpful when your baby begins teething.

Baby’s New Teeth!

Normally, the child’s first tooth will arrive when the child is between six and 12 months of age. The rest of the teeth will usually come before the child’s third birthday. As these teeth come through the gums, the child will feel some pain. You can help alleviate this pain by applying a cool cloth on the child’s gum. A teething ring also works wonders, as it can reduce discomfort in the area. The child will end up with 20 baby teeth in total.

The Next Round

Once the child starts losing baby teeth, the adult teeth will start coming in. This usually happens around six years old. Adult teeth don’t usually hurt when they arrive because the baby teeth have already created space for them. This is one reason why maintaining the child’s baby teeth is so important, as they allow adult teeth to emerge properly. A pediatric dentist can oversee this transitional period to ensure that there is enough room for all of the child’s new teeth.

Dentist in Tucson, AZ

Choosing a dentist for your child is an important decision. Our doctors and team at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry specialize in children’s teeth and provide a relaxing, kid-friendly atmosphere in our office. Call us at (520) 325-4746 to schedule an appointment today!


Early Childhood Cavities

Early childhood cavities can cause a lot of pain not only for the child but also for the parent. Cavities at an early age can lead to more dental problems down the road. Tooth decay can lead to baby teeth falling out too early. Once these teeth fall out, it can cause issues with teeth spacing. Early childhood tooth decay affects roughly 12% of all children in the United States, so it’s a good idea to do what you can to develop good oral hygiene habits.

What You Can do About Early Childhood Cavities

While a kids dentist can take an active role in the health of your child’s teeth, you must be proactive in the time between visits as well. For babies, after each feeding, wipe your child’s gums with a damp washcloth. It’s also a good idea to start a brushing schedule as soon as the baby’s first tooth arrives. Never permit your young child to fall asleep with a bottle containing anything but water and avoid giving your child any drinks with added sugar.

Going to the Dentist

Dentists recommend that children see a dentist 6 months after their first tooth erupts and no later than their first birthday. If you believe that your child is experiencing some dental problems, you can make this first appointment at an even younger age. Make these visits a regular occurrence according to your dentist’s recommendation, usually every 6 months.

Finding a Good Dentist

In order to prevent early childhood cavities, make regular visits to your pediatric dental office. Our dentists at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry are board-certified and specialize in dental care for children. Give us a call at (520)325-4746 to schedule your little one’s appointment today!


Great Grins Tucson

Early visits to the dentist are important for a child’s overall health. At Great Grins Children’s Dentistry, Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele are both board-certified pediatric dentists. They specialize in dental care for infants, children, teens, and those with special needs. Read below to learn more about your child’s dental health and the importance of dental visits.

Chips and Cracks

Any chips and cracks that appear in your child’s teeth can lead to further problems down the road. These cracks create a space that is difficult to clean with a toothbrush, giving bacteria a place to grow. When this bacteria comes into contact with sugar, it turns into an acid. The acid, then, causes tooth decay. Visit our dentists at Great Grins Tucson to get any chips and cracks evaluated and prevent further decay.


Once a tooth is treated, with proper care, further decay is stopped. Therefore, it’s essential that your child’s cavities are fixed as soon as possible to prevent decay from spreading. As long as the child takes care of the area where the decay originally forms, it shouldn’t bother him after having it filled.

Great Grins Tucson

To keep your children’s teeth as healthy as possible, get them in to see a dentist at least once every six months. Schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentists at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry. Our team specializes in dental care for children and our office is designed to meet their needs. Email or call us at 520-325-4746 to schedule a visit.


Childrens Dentist Tucson AZ: Great Grins

Dental visits for little ones are very important. By getting your children in early, you can help them develop good oral hygiene habits and prevent bigger problems in the future. During you child’s first dental appointment, the dentist will also review many helpful tips and information to reinforce good dental health.

Brushing Frequency and Technique

Dentists recommend that children brush their teeth at least twice a day, even at an early age. Parents should brush younger children’s teeth and monitor brushing until they get older and develop good habits. Brush their teeth in the morning and right before bedtime for the best results. When brushing, it may be a good idea to get your child to lie down on a couch or bed, with the head well supported. This gives you better visibility as you brush and gives you two hands to use throughout the process.

Toothpaste Recommendations

Only use a small amount of toothpaste each time you brush your child’s teeth. Toothpaste should contain fluoride as it provides a protective layer on the tooth, making it more acid-resistant. When you have finished brushing, always put the cap back on and keep it out of reach, especially if the child likes the taste.

Childrens Dentist Tucson AZ: Great Grins

Regular dental visits are important for healthy teeth. Visit your childrens dentist in Tucson AZ at Great Grins for a great dental visit. Our board-certified pediatric dentists specialize in dental care for children. Call us today at 520-325-4746 to schedule your appointment!


Kids Diet Recommended by a Dentist

A kids diet can have a great impact on the child’s overall health. When a child eats too much sugar, it can harm the teeth quite quickly. This is because the sugar mixes with bacteria that is naturally occurring in the mouth to form an acid. This acid breaks down the child’s tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay. Following a balanced diet can help to regulate the formation of this acid, preventing cavities in the process.

Kids Diet: What to Encourage

A kids dentist would recommend giving the child at least one serving each of fruits and vegetables, dairy, and protein. These foods go a long way toward not only protecting your child’s teeth from decay, but also helping her to maintain a healthy mind and body. Try making fun shapes with healthy food or telling stories to make it easier for children to eat healthy.

Kids Diet: What to Limit

You probably know that your child should avoid sugary drinks, candy, and other items that have high amounts of added sugar. What you might not know, however, is that starchy foods like potatoes and refined grains are also bad for the teeth. This is because starchy foods turn into sugar immediately and can lead to cavities. A kids diet should consist of as many whole grains as possible. Be sure to supervise your child’s brushing regularly to avoid decay as much as possible.

Dentist Appointments
Schedule regular visits to the dentist for your child. It is recommended that you see a dentist every 6 months for a regular exam and cleaning. A pediatric dentist can provide more information on a kids diet and what foods affect your child’s dental health. Dr. Wolfman and Dr. Lele at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry specialize in dental care for children. Call us at 520-325-4746 to schedule a visit with our board-certified pediatric dentists today.


Dental Injury: How to Handle a Dental Emergency

A dental injury is a frightening situation for both child and parent. In cases where the child’s tooth falls out, you might be able to save it if you act fast. Of course, you will have to make an immediate trip to your pediatric dentist, where you will be advised on the next step to take.

Dental Injury: Baby Teeth

When a baby tooth is knocked out, you have two different options. The first is to simply allow the child to continue on without the tooth, since her adult teeth will be arriving soon anyway. However, it is still important to see a dentist who can determine whether additional steps may be needed. The second option is to re-implant the tooth in the child’s mouth. Your first priority is to find the tooth to ensure that it isn’t stuck in the child’s throat. From there, pediatric dentists will make a decision based on the child’s age and other factors. If the child is three or under, it might be worthwhile to have it re-implanted. For older children, this may not be necessary.

Dental Injury: Adult Teeth

Dental injury to an adult tooth is a much more serious problem. Find the tooth, rinse it with water, and then immediately try to put the tooth back into the socket. The sooner you’re able to do this, the better off the child will be. If you can’t get it back into the socket, store the tooth in milk, saliva, or an emergency tooth preservation kit and head to the dentist.

Getting to the Dentist
Call your dentist ahead of time to ensure that you can get in right away. Our dentists at Great Grins Children’s Dentistry specialize in dental care for children. Contact us at 520-325-4746 or visit us at 3953 E. Paradise Falls Dr. Suite 110 in Tucson, AZ for additional information.

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